Weißt du was „Mimolette“ bedeutet?

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Einladung Buchvorstellung, 17.06.2018 – 20 Uhr at the Hopscotch Reading Room, Kurfürstenstrasse 14, 10785 – Berlin.

Do you know what Mimolette means?

Mimolette is a process of the fermentation of ideas. The process consists in holding one’s breath, especially in those moments when you have so many thoughts and ideas that your head is about to explode. It is that moment of “almost explosion” when the Mimolette effect has its best results. The Yanomamis are not allowed to pronounce their own names. If someone gets ill, for example, and goes to the doctor, he needs to be accompanied by a relative, so when the doctor asks, “What’s your name?” the other person can answer the question for him. Secret names are stronger than spoken names; some people believe there is a limited amount of names in the universe, and if something or someone stays nameless, it is a tragedy. Ideas, in this process of fermentation, start to have strange shapes and patterns, marble, crystals, blue, red, purple, yellow, white. Are there no colors starting with M?

The library at Sitterwerk has no apparent catalogue; at the beginning the books seem to be randomly distributed. The library has a dynamic order, based on a system-device that reads the books shelves every night and locates the books in the database through radio frequencies. This allows keeping a dynamic order with a continuous inventory. The Library changes everyday through the readers, who can associatively arrange books in the shelves. The compilations of books of each reader can be saved in the database together with their notes and comments. This principle also leads to unexpected and yet specific discoveries in the digital catalogue.
Hopscotch Reading Room in Berlin is also a particular book assembly; apparently there is no order, and no radio frequencies that arrange the books at night, but rather wonderful conversations, and many unexpected discoveries. It is not a vertical room but a horizontal one, where the books pile in top of each other, forming sediments, layers, sharing their weight.

This publication was made at the library of Sitterwerk in St. Gallen by students from the Kunstakademie Münster, class Mariana Castillo Deball from 11/04/18 to 13/04/18.


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Eine Klangpartitur mit musikalischem Höhepunkt auf der Tummelwiese. Ein Team aus KünstlerInnen, DesignerInnen, ArchitektInnen, PhilosophInnen und MusikvermittlerInnen schenkt allen MusikliebhaberInnen einen bunten Blumenstrauß an akustischen Erfahrungen. Finale auf der Tummelwiese.

06. Kabinet «» Adapter: Feldmodul & Grand Tour, Kubig400, Grugapark Essen

Treffpunkt um 18:45 Uhr ist die Grugabahn-Haltestelle Orangerie!

Abfahrt 19:00 Uhr.